About the Author

I am the (lone) author of this new interpretation of our ‘solar system’, though many curious-minded people before me – and contemporaneous with me – have contributed with clues towards this groundbreaking understanding. I am an independent researcher with no ties or affiliation with any entity whatsoever and have conducted this five-year-long study in perfect solitude, on a zero budget. I feel fortunate to have no academic credentials to speak of, as this ‘handicap’ may well have facilitated my fresh and unbiased investigative research journey into the daunting realm of astronomy.

I’m a 50%-50% Norwegian/Swede currently living in Italy with my dog, Mira.

For any questions you might have with regards to the TYCHOS model (or related matters), feel free to contact me by e-mail at simonshack[at]libero.it – I will do my best to answer each and every message as time permits. However, if you are to submit any elaborate arguments with regards to the validity of the TYCHOS model, please make sure to first read the full book! I am a humble yet passionate type of person – and very much open to discuss and debate my TYCHOS model with this world’s scientific community. Languages spoken are English, French, Italian, Swedish and Norwegian.

Starting from March 2018, I will be available for presentations of the TYCHOS model anywhere on this tranquil planet for a modest / adequate fee + travel expenses.

Simon Shack