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After years of solitary efforts and with no financial backing whatsoever, I have completed this book which I hope you will find to be both enlightening and worthy of being diffused as far and wide as possible. I have genuine gratitude for each and every one of you willing to support me in this arduous endeavor which may, imaginably, meet with considerable resistance from assorted official circles and institutions. As you may sense and appreciate, the TYCHOS is a major paradigm shift that will have devastating repercussions among this world’s scientific community : this is hoping you will share and enjoy the excitement of it all !

Please consider that this access fee also guarantees that you will be the first to see and know all future updates & addendums to my TYCHOS research – and the continuous refinements of the stunningly beautiful Tychosium 3-D Planetarium currently being developed by IT-engineer Patrik Holmquist.

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